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School is absolutely exhausting-pretty much everyone agrees to that. I know I have the hardest time staying awake in class due to the fact that I don't really want to be there and because I have a very bad sleeping pattern. I decided I could tell you how I stay awake in class and feel energized throughout the day!


Coffee is the first thing I go to. It helps keep me awake and tastes (and smells) amazing! You could either make coffee at home or buy one on your way to school. (Also, I learned that a large coffee at McDonald's is only $1!)

Talk To People

Talking to people will increase your mood and if you're talking to someone you truly enjoy, you won't feel the least bit tired!

Keep Busy

Doing this takes your mind off of sleeping-sometimes. If you're kind of tired, this will work. If you're exhausted because you literally haven't slept in days because you're so excited for your bias groups comeback, then this one is kind of useless. If all you missed was a few hours or one nights sleep, this'll work. Instead of putting your head down in class when it's boring, make the class more entertaining. You can do this by making friends with the people next to you and playing games with them like Marry, Kiss, or Kill (or I like to call it Kidnap, Date, or Burn Their House Down- trust me, it's interesting).

Work Out

I know; it's the words that we all dread hearing...or in this case reading. Working out in the morning helps give you that metaphorical slap (I mean, I doubt you want to actually get physically slapped). But this way you get some exercise in and you're waking yourself up in the process! It's a win-win!

Wash Your Face In The Morning

This is another win-win. If you wash your face in the morning, your face is being cleaned of all the germs and dirt that rubbed itself off onto your face from your pillow. It also waked your face up in this refreshing way! I'm not gonna lie, the first time you put the towel on your face, you're gonna regret everything, but keep it on your face for a couple more seconds and you'll be okay.
Well, I hope this helps you! Is there anything you do to keep yourself awake during school?
I excuse myself to go to the bathroom just to wake myself up & I also wash my face in the bathroom :)
what if coffee works different for you
thank you for these awesome tips 馃槉
@amandamuska you could try substitutes. Tea is something that calms me and gets me ready for bed, but my friend swears that tea for her is the equivalent of coffee for me haha. So you could try that, or drink soda that has caffeine, but I wouldn't suggest soda in the morning. Try that for later in the day
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