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Actress Park Shin Hye had fun in the sun, on his recent visit to Asian country. On March 20th, the actress uploaded a few pictures of her recent adventure and wrote, “I went down 17m deep, ah look at my forehead. I love the water.” and “I look weird, I should learn more properly when I go back to Korea.” In the photos, the actress is seen on a boat, in the middle of the ocean, with a diving suit and plain expression. In the other picture, the actress is deep in the sea, an only her big eyes are visible. The actress visited The Philippines, to kick start her “2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour: Kiss of Angel” which took place in Manila on March 16th. She decided to enjoy her visit to the country for a little bit more and it seems like explored the beaches. On the same day, her co-star in the tvN drama “Flower Boy Next Door” actress Park Soo Jin, also uploaded photos of going scuba diving and getting her license, since they were wearing the same diving suit, it is believed the actresses were together on the same trip. Meanwhile, the actress have been cast in the short film “Love's Rock-Paper-Scissors” alongside Yoon Kye Sang.
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Thank you for visiting Philippines...♥