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ok so i counted the scores and Zetsu had none so he is officially out of the voting!!!!!
sorry zetzu you just did not make the cut!
of course since Deidara is still available he is my vote! along with pain!!

by the way at this point and time your allowed to pick 2 of your fav members!!

anyone who votes on this card (post in comments) will be tagged in the next vote!!!!! if you do not wish to be tagged in the next vote please tell me and i will take your name off....

this vote will last till 11/21/15

(if you want to be un- tagged just tell me and ill take you off)

Also i made a collection for this so if you want to follow to keep up with this little game !!

itachi and pain
itachi and nagato
Itachi and kisame
Itachi all day!
Sasori and Itachi :3
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