They say opposites attract...and these two are like peas and Chipotle! (Which actually tastes pretty good together, imo.) Rock is soft-spoken, while Revy is venomous and belligerent. They both speak their minds, they just go about it differently. And where Rock is basically a pacifist, Revy likes to go in with guns blazing and hit 'em hard, where it hurts. The dynamics of their relationship creates a lot of friction, but it also brings growth. Rock comes to understand Revy and to trust her with his life, and Revy discovers that she's not as worthless or as hardened to life as she thought herself to be.
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Awesome couple ^_^
I was told to always go for women with a temper. why? Because they can put up with your shit haha
the cigarette lighting scene in the back of the car sold this one for me.
oh my god YES!
yessss this is great!!!!