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T.O.P leaving for the military is something almost everyone is talking or thinking about and I have a few things to say on the topic. (Nothing bad!)


Now, I'm not a big fan of Big Bang. I like some of their songs and their body rolls kill me, but I don't stan them, per se. However, my heart does go out to the people who do stan them! I understand this is very hard for them! I understand why he has to leave. If you don't know, I shall tell you: South Korea has this rule/requirement that says every man has to be in the army/military at least once in their lives. But why does it have to be him!?! Why now?!! I love staring at his face! How can I do that now?


So apparently, Big Bang is still gonna be making music which is good for their fans. But I heard (heard meaning don't quote me on this) that Big Bang will be officially back together in 2021 or around that year. THAT'S SO LONG FROM NOW!!!


I can only imagine what they're going through...

Best wishes to our lovable T.O.P!

I hope he has the safest time there! What's your favorite Big Bang song? Lets relive that era together!
It's being done very statistically. They have until the age of 31 to enlist. They have to serve a minimum of 21 months (a little under 2 years) TOP being the oldest and closet to the deadline is going first. GD and Taeyang go in 2017, Daesung in 2018, and Seungri in 2019. This means there will always be 1-2 members available for solo and duo projects at all times. Since TOP/GD/YB will be out first, they will have a lot of time to work on music for their groups's next comeback. I know 5 years seems like a long time, but remember we had to wait a little over four years for their most recent come back. We will make it through this. Now, the reason they have to do this is because the only way they can avoid the compulsory service is by obtaining citizenship in another country and moving there. But this comes with severe consequences... They would be banished from South Korea for a minimum of 10 YEARS!!! That means they can't go home for a decade. And it means no comeback for at least that long. It would also destroy their reputation at home because it is very negatively looked at to dodge your service to your country. They may never have success in South Korea ever again.
Favorite song is Lets Not Fall in Love
ohh dammit , I'm going to cry so freaking hard when he leaves, I love TOP 😢😢
they should never dodge it. however it's like a friend moving away. you know they have to go no matter how much you want them to stay.
Ugh, T.O.P. Is my BigBang bias and this kills me :(
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