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Getting your makeup done can go one of two ways.

Even when it comes to the professionals, it can be both exciting and a total nightmare. Several makeup counters will gladly do your makeup for a small fee or purchase of makeup. Sometimes when you don't want to do your own makeup and you want your face beat by a professional it's so worth it. Trying to find the perfect makeup counter to go to can sometimes be challenging. You have to factor in price, time and of course, skills. A lot of makeup counters have artists working, but they aren't the best when it comes to truly beating a face.
Nina Mohan of Buzzfeed staff calls herself 'woefully makeup stupid', wanted to test out the waters and see if professional makeup artists could give her the specific look she was going for which consisted of a glam, bold evening makeover. She decided to try out five of the most popular makeup chains including MAC, Sephora, Bobbi Brown, Benefit and NARS. Through her makeup journey, she learned what she likes, what she doesn't like and most of all -- she learned to speak up if she doesn't like something and a bold lip with a bold eye can actually work together. To see all five of Nina's looks, keep scrolling.

Makeup Counter: MAC

Cost: $50 in products.
Time: About 45 minutes
What I liked: "This is the kind of look that takes roughly 5209384 products, but I think it paid off in my eyes, which became smoky, lustrous, seduction pools. I liked that the MUA went more silvery, instead of gold. It’s a welcome change, and I think my eyes look FIERCE."
What I didn’t like: "This MUA didn’t swatch-test first, and I think it shows. The contour makes me look like I fell face-first into a pile of powdered sugar. I almost blinded myself! People kept remarking how strangely light my face looked, and it made me feel self-conscious. I’m tryna look like a brown beauty here, not a white girl knockoff. He also chose to keep the lips pretty neutral, but tbh if we’re going that hard with the eyes, why not go in on the lips, too? I should also say my selfie of this look was much less intense and looked a little more natural."

Makeup Counter: Sephora

Cost: $50 in products.
Time: About an hour.
What I liked: "EVERYTHING. I am a sexy, shimmery diva here. The MUA made my face really pop. She matched my skin tone so well, and gave me a wonderful, natural glow. Yeah, she went for gold in the eyes, which is pretty safe, but then asked me if I wanted to just focus on eyes and leave the lips neutral. I told her to do what she thought would look best, and she brought out that darker lip color. I really appreciate that she was willing to go bold or go home."
What I didn’t like: "Literally nothing. I felt so glam and vampy and I had a really hard time wiping it off later. It felt like I was taking off my best self."

Makeup Counter: Bobbi Brown

Cost: Purchase two products.
Time: About an hour.
What I liked: "Before applying foundation, the MUA swatch-tested three different ones and asked me my opinion about which was the best match. That was a welcome assurance that I wasn’t gonna end up looking like a porcelain doll or something. Because they’re all about ~the natural look~, I was pleasantly surprised by how much she did on my eyes. I think a lot of people (including myself) have a hard time picking natural-looking lipsticks for women of color, but I dug what she chose."
What I didn’t like: "I probably shouldn’t have picked a place that emphasizes natural beauty for glam look so, oops. My bad. She specifically said she wasn’t going to contour my face, and I was kinda sad that I’d have to keep my doughy jowls. She picked purple and gold tones for my eyeshadow, and I was already getting bored with it. Ultimately though, it felt like this stuff was caked on. I think it’s because the moisturizer didn’t have enough time to set, and ended up kind of combining with the foundation to make me feel…globby? I also have a hairier face and it felt like everything was getting caught in my peach fuzz. NAGL."

Makeup Counter: Benefit

Cost: $50–$60 in products (my location was $55).
Time: About 45 minutes.
What I liked: "The Benefit MUA checked in with me a lot about my look, which was refreshing. I let her choose to do a cat eye (which I’m a huge fan of)."
What I didn’t like: "When I told her she could choose my lip color, she opted for a gloss instead of lipstick. By this point, I was getting pretty sick of this neutral lip BS. I wanna look G.L.A.M.! Can a woman of color get some color in here?! And I felt like there wasn’t enough time between applying skincare stuff and makeup, so I was a glob-monster once again. While the eye makeup looked pretty sick with my eyes closed, it was gold and purple. Yawn. I also think the highlighter emphasized those HUGE lines under my eyes, so the whole world can know I’m sleep-deprived."

Makeup Counter: NARS

Cost: Purchase three products.
Time: About 45 minutes.
What I liked: "The MUA at NARS was the most explanatory of them all. She had me test products like a tinted moisturizer on my hand so I could see how they actually looked on my skin. EVERYONE SHOULD DO THIS. She also used some strange shade of green on my eyes that I was totally into because by this point I was sure my eyelids had a secret sign that said “Gold or bust!” This MUA, like others, went with a lighter lip because it was daytime, BUT she suggested a couple darker options for a nighttime look and thus avoided my neutral lip rant."
What I didn’t like: "Not much. I was really feelin’ this look. I also think it looked MUCH BETTER in person than it did in these photographs. The MUA really enhanced my natural skin tone and gave me a warm luminescence. Honestly, I totally forgot I was wearing any makeup. That’s how light it felt!"

Sephora and Nars were Nina's favorite looks.

What look do you like best?
Sephora definitely won! @xxMollxx
I liked Sephora ^^
When i saw the sephora look i was like "perfection" so basically i already knew the other looks werent gonna look as great.
Sephora was my favorite
I agree with the Sephora and NARS!!
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