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Can you guys help me with this? I need suggestions of Kpop idols to do overdose on. Let me know in the comments who I should do and I'll make sure to tag you when I do it. Thanks!!!
@CheyenneJessee @SHINee808 @amobigbang @Exoexo @LeighHolgate @Vixxstarlight1 @amandamuska @punkpandabear @CarenBoykins @ndngurl123 @GDsGF @AnnieGoodman @JustinaNguyen @KpopGaby Thank you guys for suggesting all these things..It'll probably take me a whole year to do all of the suggestions😅Lol but that's okay because I know you guys will appreciate it..I Love You All :)
Wait @JohnEvans! 😲 You're a guy? Lol!!! Jk Jk!! Bahahaha!!😂 Can you do a Woozi from Seventeen, a Leo from Vixx, or a Mark from Got7 overdose for me?! 😄
@JohnEvans I'm sorry i called you a she i didn't know 💖 @ndngurl123 The debate is over how about i just do both on one card...I'll do both of them tommorow. ..Sounds good?... Good :)
@sherrysahar Oh you will...I promise you that because I need more of him 2 lol
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