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Damn, having your BFF so angry at u that she doesn't even talk to u for 2 whole days is worse than a break up! I just talked nicely to her enemy coz she was kind enough to lend me notes, which we both needed, without even me asking for it. According to my BFF, i've betrayed her Life has become boring af! Music, instead of helping me, is making me miss her more (even the shittiest music which we both hate). N i don't have to say what effects drake's hotline bling has on me coz that biatch stopped calling me on my cellphone Now with whom will i watch nigahiga's vids, eat candies dipped in coke, take the risk of eating those sour sweets n pepper in grumpy Mr. David's class n running like mad on the streets after tuition so that i can return her slap not even caring abt those cute guys watching us!