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This is going to be my first epic battle between titans. I picked the black swordsman and the red master.
Emiya is from the Fate Stay/Night saga. For those who have never seen it, its a modern day anime based in japan. One day Emiya steps into a war of magic and discovers he has powers and is skilled with blades.
Sword Art Online. The game of death trapped thousands. Kirito was the fastest and most powerful player in the game... A true swordsman. This gif seen above is starburst stream. His dual wielding 50+ combo.
Saber is not available to Shirou because at his strongest, which is how im judging them, saber was with rin.
Im also assuming that its to the death so that kirito will fight like his life depends on it. Thats when he is truly strongest.
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Shirou will definitely win all he has to do is scan the swords Kirito has and make an infinite amount that are stronger. Yes Kirito has his 50+ combo but that means nothing when Shirou makes a few thousand swords.
kirito is fast enough to cut magic itself though... it wouldnt be an easy win
he's fast enough to cut energy forms of magic but Shirou's magic is specialized to strengthening and scanning which completely compromises 1 of his 3 strengths in this fight.
Never seen Shirou in action but he looks pretty badass.