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We've all sat there contemplating the thought before.

Why hasn't he texted you back? Well, there can be quite a few reasons why and now all of your questions can now be answered thanks to a couple brave men who decided to put it all on the table. From getting too personal too soon to constantly texting him to no avail, guys don't really like that. We knew that though, right? Okay, maybe not all of us.
If you happen to find yourself texting a ghost and wondering why, keep scrolling you might just find your answer to the real reason why men don't text back.
“It weirds me out when a woman sends me a bunch of consecutive texts especially when we first meet.” – Anthony, 41, NYC (occupation: bartender)
“My girlfriend used to constantly bug me with a bunch of texts in a row. I honestly got so tired of it. It was like a chore to even think of responding. Sad, but true. Didn’t have the heart to tell her.” -Michael, 33, Santa Barbara, CA (occupation: lifeguard)
“I normally don’t respond if a girl keeps asking me stuff about my personal life, right in the beginning.” -Martin, 27, Austin, Texas (occupation: pharmaceutical rep)
“I hate it when a girl texts me ‘i’m bored… hows ur day?…'” -Thomas, 23, Rhode Island, (occupation: law student)

Fellas, what's the real reason you don't reply?

And ladies, how does being ignored make you feel?
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How do you keep the conversation longer while texting? we both would these shorter conversations but I could never seem to find a way to keep him interested and start having deeper conversations.
Great question! If you're still in the getting to know one another stage, I always try and make things fun and play a game of 21 questions to help both of us engage with one another and it actually helps to keep the convo flowing :) @MariamaFeaster
great tip! i will definitely try that! @jordanhamilton
No problem! My pleasure. Let me know if it is of any success to you @MariamaFeaster
Oh I will! @jordanhamilton