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Girls be sure to use this!!
Id like to correct this. かっこいいですね。 Kakkoiidesune does NOT mean "you're handsome" It is actually translated more along the lines of " ___ is cool," or "this is cool" It's hard to describe it perfectly, so I'm sorry if I confuse anyone The 'desune' is more of a confirmation statement. And 'kakkoii' pretty much means 'cool' So by saying "kakkoiidesune" you are saying something along the lines of 'it is cool' or rather agreeing that something is cool. (Not cool as in cold) Now, depending on what the conversation topic is, you could say "kakkoidesune" as in "he's so cool", but the literal translation is just simply stating that the subject which is being spoken about 'is indeed cool' I'm not too sure if i explained this well enough, and if I am wrong anywhere, please correct me. S.J.
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Ok yeah....i can be wrong and thank you....but you can still use it tho!
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I'm sorry, I didn't mean for my comment to sound rude. Please excuse me. And yes! You're correct! It can still be used! :)
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Ohh no it's ok.....i thank you for it...hehe.
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