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It's games like this that show us how bad most of the NFL really is.

Today is Thursday, which means we get the first taste of NFL Week 11 action when the Jaguars and Titans face off in Jacksonville.

The truth? Both of these teams are rotten awful. No good. Plain bad. Uninteresting.

To be honest, I can't imagine why this game is in a primetime spot. Obviously they wouldn't put a game like this on Sunday night or Monday night, but why Thursday? It has to be the worst game in the league this week, with the 2-7 Titans playing the 3-6 Jaguars.
There are a few players to watch, but nothing really serious. The Jaguars have two developing WRs in Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson but with Blake Bortles the one throwing them passes, their ceiling is extremely limited. Running back TJ Yeldon is far from special and their defense is sub-par.
The plain fact of the matter is that there isn't much to be excited about in Jacksonville.
In Tennessee, there is some buzz despite their 2-7 record. They are developing this year's #1 overall draft pick in QB Marcus Mariota.
Mariota has been solidly good-not-great this season, giving Titans fans enough to be excited about in the coming seasons but not nearly good enough to allow them to think about winning too many games this year.

I think there was too much hype about Mariota coming out of college and his average performances are showing that he may not have warranted the #1 overall choice.

Tight End Delanie Walker is a nice player but nothing to write home about, while the rest of the team is really uninteresting. Keep an eye on Mariota, but there isn't much else to watch out for.

My pick

I'm going to give it to the home team in this one.
I'll say Jacksonville wins, 20-17.

My advice, though? Shield your eyes from this one. It could get ugly fast.

Who are you picking tonight?
I hope Tennessee wins. 17-10 win over the jags
Its bullshit, they didnt deserve the win over the ravens so know that my team has no longer any chance at the playoffs I hope they lose every game and get the #1 draft pick. Tampa Bay did a year ago, Tennessee did it, Washington did it.....time for Baltimore to get in on some action XD
Gonna have to go with you on this one @jeff4122!