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Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what you went into the room for? Well that loss of memory is the focus for today's Yugioh Card of the Day. It's an card called "Memory Loss" Memory Loss is a normal trap card, and like its name suggests it hits a monster hard. Now with all the effect negation out there between cards like Breakthrough Skill, Fiendish Chain, Effect Veiler and Divine Wrath; Memory loss is very rarely at the front of someone's mind, or rather it is easily forgotten. See what I did there? Memory loss negates a monster's effect but that wouldn't really be good if that's all it does. Memory loss makes the monster whose effect was negated change to defense mode. Figuratively speaking it makes the monster sit and try to remember what effect it had forgotten. It may not destroy the monster like divine wrath or be able to be used an extra time like breakthrough skill but turning a monster to defense position has advantages. Drillroid as an old machine that can destroy defense monsters upon battling them, shield Crush is a spell that destroys a defense monster, and there are tons of cards that deal Piercing Damage, or can attack over a monsters defense to deal the difference as damage. Combo memory loss with Guard Penalty to score a free draw, then use Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon with Fairy Meteor Crush to deal devastating damage. But however you combo Memory Loss, remember that the cost, like detaching an Xyz Material, gets paid first. Play it if you can, fear it if you must but at least you know the card and it's power. Memory Loss is the card of the day for November 1st 2015.