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Hey, Kpoppers
You may know me as @Ermo97. I lost my account yesterday, and the app would not let me back in, so I had to Completely start over, This is my new account. you guys just don't know how I missed all so much! @EmilyGardner @SusiBosshammer @MadAndrea @KpopandKimchi @CarenBoykins @ashrose33 @JackieG1617 @ButterflyBlu @sarcasticme101 @xsandos17 @cthulu @FueledbyKass @mkbmccann @TeshaMcMillen @CrystalBlunt @Parramiranda @SarahVanDorn @Kpopisnylife @SugaonTop @Sammie99522 @JangMI15 @AuraKyoshiro @Creep4616
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