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so, the other day, I went to a very bad place, emotionally. I have been seeing everyone post cards about this band so I decided to check them out. after a half an hour of listening, my mood was so much better, and now I am obsessed. I just want to thank ALL of you for introducing me to them. Thank you all ♡♡
that would be great!!! @nerdy3000
thank you all for the warm welcome ♡
your welcome, also welcome to Army family. if you don't know there names here you go 1.RAP MONSTER/NAMJOON/leader 2.SUGA 3.JIN 4.JHOPE 5.V,TAEYANG ot I hope that how you spell it not sure 6.JIMIN 7. JONGKOOK they are not in older to youngest cause I don't know who older but I do I know kookie is the maknae but that all I know.
Welcome to the Army family! I should introduce you to Rap Mon's predebut songs! Also his mixtape RM
yea they do the same thing for me. when ever i start feeling depressed i just listen to their music and check out some of there old videos then everythings gets better. ♡♡♡
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