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❀️❀️❀️ He's too damn hot for his own good!
@chellax2112x lol Taeyang brought me to BigBang thus ending my life because GD is the death of me
@Jiyongixoxo he's like the perfect guy he's like my biggest obsession but I think people already know that if they visit my profile >_< like forreal he's my UB and actually the reason I like K-pop even though Bigbang's - Haru Haru was the first K-pop song I heard ( I was already attracted to gd without knowing his name) and when I saw GD's - heartbreaker I was completely sold gd for the win β†–(^Ο‰^)β†—
Oh he's more than sexy and he danced like that right I front of me during the concert I jersey that man knew he was trying to kill me but if he would have danced like he did with Seungri....... I think an ambulance would have to be called
I'm sorry but his lip bite gets me every time
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