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RIP MAES HUGHES we will always remember you for the constant devotion you showed everyone about your wife and kids. I know Col mustang regrets not being there the most but rest assured he will get revenge for the horrible trick that was played before you eyes to have you die. You beloved family and friends will always remember your sacrifice for the future of aemesteis and the whole world at that.
It was so sad that he was killed, I cried so much. He was the best character in the show 😔 R.I.P Maes Hughes
@KilljoyExorcist check the manga think vol 8-9 I believe. Idk why the changed it but yeah weird lol.
@LuffyNewman 😯 what? ;p
Also when speaking in soft tongue out of Military complex you use brigadier and not add general like LT colonel is just colonel due to formality and ease of rank. @KilljoyExorcist not always but when outside of military confines that is. Lol sorry don't mean to argue but your point is 100% valid he is a general no matter what whether 1star or 2 star!!
@KilljoyExorcist in the true manga he is actually promoted to MJG major general and just like LT colonel you call them colonel like a BGD call the brigadier or general normally. But BGD is an O7 pay grade meaning 1star before major general, Lieutenant General then finally general. 1.2.3. Then 4 star general. In the manga he went up 3 ranks not just 2. So to be technical he is a MJG by original story lines. Lol. But all the same I get what your saying but dropping the Gen doesn't effect anything since everyone knows a brigadier is a 1 star general. Or most ppl I should say haha.
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