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If you ever wanted to feel like Cinderella in the flesh, you can now do so with glitter roots. I'm pretty sure you've heard about the new trend everyone is talking about. Glitter roots are meant to be a more fashionable approach to covering up your grown out roots. So, consider giving the hair dye a rest and embrace your inner glam with some glitter roots. Perfect for the holiday's, keep scrolling to see exactly how you can achieve this fun, girly look.

Are you loving this glittery trend?

this is a mess lol. it would be different if her hair was actually flowy. it just looks like a stiff glittery mess. No...just no 馃槖
she should have used mousse instead. it would have evaporated without leaving her hair stiff and gooey looking.
Ugh no thanks. Hassle or not, it looks like a stiff, gooey, glittery mess. Who would voluntarily do this to their hair? @amobigbang Your right. Sparkly dandruff does not sound good. XD
oh god the 90s are back... glitter will never die!
looks like piojos tbh @carolinacastane not really a fan
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