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Look how he enjoyed the fan meet @ Jakarta
PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1st photo Lady: "방구~" (it means fart in Korean) LMH: *laughs* 2nd photo: "You are the best!" ^^ 3rd photo: "I see you!" ^^ 4th photo: "I have long legs." 5th photo: "I had fo...four steaks! Hehe!" 6th photo: "Did someone say steaks?!!" 7th photo: "I know you want some kisses." 8th photo: "If you'd like it, you shoulda put a ring on it." credits to all photo owners and to leeminhoworld
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hahaha.. girl! you're funny!^^
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Love U Oppa Min Hoo
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Love ....minho .
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O~, this time the translator looks kindly ! 😋😋
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