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I'm starting Boys Over Flowers today so I need all the prayer (and tissues I've heard) that I can get! I'm already halfway through the first episode and I have a feeling that I'm going to hate the male lead but eventually love him. But right now...he's not the most friendly person...
Thank you all so much! I'm on the third episode now and let me tell you, I already like Ji Hoo. Do I have second lead syndrome already?πŸ˜‚ if I post about losing it over this show, I'm glad to know that there are cool people who understand the feeling πŸ˜„@AlejandraRiao @kpopandkimchi @Kuramariin @heidichiesa @NSeanLaTour @russelroche47 @esmeraldagutirr @AlexandraReyes @xxMollxx @girlzrockpit98 @InnocentiaKishi @SHINee808 @LizaNightshade @ivyheart13 @AnnahiZaragoza @punkpandabear
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hahaha i think we all ended up with second lead syndrom cause of this show
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You'll love him then hate him its complicated but you'll end up loving them all in the end
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I know I had second lead syndrome! I wanted his to run off with the girl! lol
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I love goon Jun pyo!!!I'm sure you'll love him too!!
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