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I'm not ready馃槱馃槱
I'm starting Boys Over Flowers today so I need all the prayer (and tissues I've heard) that I can get! I'm already halfway through the first episode and I have a feeling that I'm going to hate the male lead but eventually love him. But right now...he's not the most friendly person...
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Thank you all so much! I'm on the third episode now and let me tell you, I already like Ji Hoo. Do I have second lead syndrome already?馃槀 if I post about losing it over this show, I'm glad to know that there are cool people who understand the feeling 馃槃@AlejandraRiao @kpopandkimchi @Kuramariin @heidichiesa @NSeanLaTour @russelroche47 @esmeraldagutirr @AlexandraReyes @xxMollxx @girlzrockpit98 @InnocentiaKishi @SHINee808 @LizaNightshade @ivyheart13 @AnnahiZaragoza @punkpandabear
I know I had second lead syndrome! I wanted his to run off with the girl! lol