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I just loved this song... I saw Boys Over Flowers before I ever met SHINee and even then I loved this song for the vocals so much I constantly played it over and over... Even then their voices reached out to me... Now after being acquainted with SHINee I know which member is singing what... I LOVE MY SHINEE MEN!!!
Side Note: Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong are such attractive men... They really did deserve the roles they had... Definitely are flower boys...
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Ah yes I did! @kpopandkimchi thanks for the shout out kimchi :) I love this song! This was my first drama even though I didn't finish, and didn't realize the song was SHINee until I got into kpop!
@baileykayleen @kpopandkimchi Omg thanks I will!!!
omg my favorite drama of all time me and my best friend came up with ratchet names for the lovely cast of boys before flowers😁😁
@KpopQueen1 Omg this I gotta hear...
@KokoroNoTakara r u sure cause ....this are pretty ratchet lol we could've come with normal names but me and her did not