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I guess fall and winter time is a perfect time for tequila in my house. I actually don't know why I am making frozen cocktails this time of year, but you know, Ice cream should only be consumed in winter time, some say; so why not frozen cocktails on a beautiful cold thursday afternoon? This time, I made a frozen margarita, but with kiwii. The recipe is the same as an ordinary frozen margarita with an addition of one, frozen kiwii. And not only does it look great, it tastes amazing. Anyone in a mood for one of those? Maybe @marshalledgar @AlloBaber ?
Love this! I wanna try it! Make me one!!!!!!!!
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it is soooo easy to make, but worth the 10 minutes of prep time :) And I would be happy to make you one, or two, or how many you want. :) @marshalledgar
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