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Im sorry guys but I Like 2 Party and this song has been stuck in my had all day!!
In particular the chant...the little bridge part of the song that translates to "Without you i'll go crazy, Dj play a love song Im not drunk i just miss you like crazy SO DJ PLAY A LOVE SONG"
(I actually wrote that on my binder in korean but didnt write the "dj play a love song part". And my teacher comes up to me and is like "oh i didnt know you spoke other languages, hopefully french is your favorite" *this is durniong french class btw* and the he says "well what does it say" and then i told him and goes "im flattered.... and i hope you arent drunk because then this would be even more awkward" ....yea thats my teacher XD)
Now you guys know i gotta drop the color coded lyric video for you guys, like i'd be crazy if i didnt lol.
The three B's......Who's your Big Bang Bias?
Have a great day guys and dont forget to


(Chapter 2 for LNFIN will be up tomorrow)
I'm not going to lie....I sung that XD @justcallmekyki
Sing with me!!! "Neo eopsin michyeobeorigesseo DJ PlAY A LOVE SONG Na chwihan ge anya nega bogo sipeo jukgesseo SO DJ PlAY A LOVE SONG WE LIKE 2 PARTY YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH WE LIKE 2 PARTY meori wie hae tteul ttaekkaji WE LIKE 2 PARTY YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH WE LIKE 2 PARTY seojjogeseo hae tteul ttaekkaji"
@justcallmekyki I sang it too! My cat though, she gave me this look of "Not again, mom!"
@KwonOfAKind I was singing it as I was writing it😂😂
Also, your teacher is funny.
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