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Its power is uncontainable.

Hello, guys.~~ Have a nice TGIF. = Today's expressions for Fri Nov 20 = 1. Its power is uncontainable. 그 힘은 억제할 수가 없어. 2. All I can do is read a book to stay awake. 내가 할 수 있는 건 깨어 있기 위해 책을 읽는 것뿐이에요. 3. Cash in hand makes an easy target for robbers. 현금을 손에 쥐고 있으면 강도의 쉬운 표적이 돼. = Let's make a story = A: Hey, Ben. What's up or new? What's that in your hand? B: Hi, Albert. I'm going to the bank to deposit money. Where is a nearby bank? I couldn't find any around here. A: Oh, yeah? Go straight ahead about two blocks and then, turn right you can find OOO bank. But, cash in the hand makes an easy target for robbers. Watch out for your bag! B: Okay, I will. Thanks. A: Why don't you invest your money instead of saying. B: Well, I'm too worried about my money to invest in real estate or stuff. All I can do is save money for my future. A: Hey, why don't you sound out stock experts about your money when you go to a bank? B: Well, by the way, thank you for your tips. I will do that as you said.