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Same for Be but a boyfriend:D
same I need an anime loving boyfriend too
No that makes it worse just be you. It's OK to be different form everyone else. And trust me you'll feel a lot better to be yourself it take a load off of your shoulders. Dont try to rush it, one day that one person you're waiting for will come around. And yeah mistakes hurt but they make us who we are (they don't define us though) and hopefully we learn from them. And if people leave and they aren't enemies, I'll be blunt, this might hurt, but they probably haven't cared for you. I'll always be here 馃槚 count on me for advice (says the rook who has no experience in dating whatsoever xD)
the both of you are right and I don't think of girls of toys and it's hard to be that way when the world is turning into a world where those who are nice and loving are seen as weak and replaceable @insanity @ot13exodus02
exactly that's my point
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