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Hey people! It's been a while since I actually posted anything. Though I love you all, I just love school and dramas a little more. Sorry. Anyway, I recently discovered two Kpop groups. No, they are not actually "new" but new to me.

I challenge you to step outside your regular list of idols and give the chance to other groups/idols. Make a card and tag me because I want to know who are your new discoveries. ♡

Okay, I admit that I did know of INFINITE before. However, I had not actually listened to any of their songs because I was so busy watching them act. Ups. If you have not watched L, Woohyun, Sungyeol, or Hoya act, too freaking sad! I got you, though. -D-Day -High School, Love On! (AKA Hi-School, Love on) -My Lovely Girl -The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days -Shut Up Flower Boy Band -Master's Sun -Cunning Single Lady -Mask

I have only seen some of their dramas, I'm sure the other members have also been in dramas and the members I mentioned have also appeared in other dramas. Feel free to comment!

After watching them act in so many dramas I finally gave in and watched on of their MVs. I fell I LOVE! "Back" is definitely one of my favorite songs right now. If I ever feel down, I just listened to this song in replay. "Bad" Is the song I confused with "Back", but I love it so much I kept it. PS The GOT7 little intro in the live performance of "Bad" Is making me LOL If you already listen to INFINITE, what other songs do you recommend?
Weirdly enough I already had Block B in my Spotify KPOP station, but I never played them because I loved BIGBANG way too much. It wasn't until I added INFINITE that I was like, "Who the heck is this Block B in my playlist?" I think I might have added one of their songs when Spotify recommend them in their personalised and ever changing Weekly Playlist and I just never listened to them again until recently.
"Her" her is definitely my favorite song from them right now. It's just too funky! "Very Good (Rough Version)" is so freaking good! I love rock (that is why will forever be a Linkin Park fan) and I just feel like this mixes rock, rap, and pop, very well. I have to admit that all their songs from their album, "Her", are amazing because the music varies very well. In fact, they might be the first kpop group whose whole album I like. It usually takes me a while to like all the songs from my favorite artists new albums. (Sorry BIGBANG, SuJu, GOT7, 2NE1 and TVXQ)

If you already loved Block B, what other songs do you recommend? I have to admit that I don't know much about them, so if you have fun facts about them feel free to comment them! ♡

Credit to whoever took the pictures. The videos have are already cited.
Lol I'm not new to Kpop, I just never moved on from SuJu, Bigbang, and GOT7. It wasn't until recently that I added TVXQ, EXO, Se7en, SHINee... and other bands into my playlist.
yep....enjoy getting sucked in to Kpop world deeper n deeper lol
"Young, Wild, & Free" sounds like an amazing title! I will have to listen to it. Thanks!
in my kpop/Kdrama I have B.A.P new song Young, Wild & Free and Madtown #OMGT
2PM is older too they debuted in 08
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