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Bell Cranel and Eina Tulle from 'Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon'
NO it's not one of the normal ships, but this show is a harem so there are a lot of options. But I chose this one becuase... THEIR VOICE ACTORS!
Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu! If you don't know... These two lovely people voice 2 characters in a very popular show called Sword Art Online.
So I was watching 'Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a Dungeon' and I recognized their voices and since its a harem and all the female characters wind up liking Bell, I wanted to ship "Kirito and Asuna" becuase I love that ship and that show and I just liked how their relationship played out in the short show that it was.
When we met Eina, she was just the advisor behind the desk, signing bell into and out of the dungeon and exchanging his crystal shards and rare loot for currency, or in the world, "valis" which they determine by the wait and rarity of the loot.
But as we move on through the show she got more and more friendly, giving him advice on his adventure and what he could go to get Aiz Wallenstein's attention and as a viewer I could tel that she herself actually was developing feelings for bell.
Aiz is the girl who saved Bells life in the dungeons on a couple of occasions and Bell fell in love at first sight. She is the sword princess of the Loki Familia.
At one point Bell needs new armor and Eina says she's going to go shopping with him. When she shows up she has dolled herself up and brought bell a gift. This is when he notices that she looks nice in her new outfit. The gift is an arm sheath for his dagger, as that's the weapon he uses.
While hey are shopping, they run into Hestia, who is not happy that Bell is going around with her and that she's all prettied up.
Hestia is his goddess, he is the only one in the familia. And she is very affectionate to him and gets jealous when he's around other girls.
As you're reading through this if you don't know about the anime, then you are starting to realize there are many choices for a ship in show. ALL of the girls in the pictures all end up having feelings for Bell Cranel.
In the end, he obviously doesn't chose any of them because he is still in love with Aiz. But I CHOSE to ship him and Eina for 2 reasons, one because I like to try and be different, and two THEY ARE LITERALLY KIRITO AND ASUNA.
THATS MY SHIP, what are you guys' comments and thoughts. Did you know their voice actors were the same people, did you watch both shows, who do you ship in these shows, TELL ME I WANNA KNOW!
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didn't see this yet, but it looks pretty great to me!
it came out in the spring I was watching it when it just started
@hikaymm this ones a really good show, I used it as a filler for sao becuase it's got them in it and it's made by the same people, and now I guess asterisk wars is made by them too 😭
@ElijahFenton what are you on about mate?
Oh wow @ElijahFenton you're basically shortening it... Like when I say SAO for sword art online... You're saying DanMachi, the romanji is Danjon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru darou ka "Dan"Jon "machi"gatteiru danmachi