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Jeter addresses his one-night stand ritual
The former Yankees captain is known not only for his illustrious career on the field, but also his off-the-field life.

One rumor that followed Jeter throughout his career was that after his one-night stands (which he's had with a numerous ladies), he would send them off with a basket of his own memorabilia.

And he's not the one usually coming out to address these stories, but he had to come out and address this one.

Check out his interview with Joe Buck below!

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During the interview, Jeter said,
"I don't address them because — well, I guess I just did — but because once you address it, you have to address every single rumor that comes out and then if one time if you don't, they automatically assume it's true. So I just chose not to address any rumors out there, but that's gotta be the dumbest one I've heard."
He also asked the audience,

"You guys really believe that? My own memorabilia, I'm signing?"

Well, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind getting a gift basket of Derek Jeter's memorabilia after spending a night at his place! I miss Jeter so much!

But I'm glad he addressed this one out in public! He was given so much shit for this and the captain deserves better.

I had to let you guys know that Jeter isn't that much of an asshole!

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