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Hello everybody! Welcome back to the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Beast Challenge. Wow! Its Day 19 already ... today challenge category is ...
What is your favorite video concept?
I am sure you know me well enough by now to know how I'm going to answer this ...
Yup ~ you guessed it! There are so many wonderful Beast videos with all kinds of concepts ~ from cute and funny to dreamy and romantic, serious and sophisticated (And as I'm sure you already figured out as well) I love them all!! I will do my best to narrow my choices though.
As you are well aware ~ this is the video that started it all for me with Beast so of course I have to mention it in this category. The images of this concept are just so vivid and draw you in from start to finish.
These next videos did the same thing to me. The visuals of these videos completely captivate you and you cannot tear your eyes away from watching ~ or even blink! Each member is showcased quite awesomely and are so devastatingly handsome that once again I am not able to choose which one is my ultimate bias.
This next video is just so ~ so mesmerizing ... for me it almost trumps Fiction. Mind you I said almost. I would have to say it's a very close second to Fiction (and actually if truth be told) it would depend on which one I was watching at the moment you asked me which one I thought was better.
It definitively demonstrates exactly how much Beast had grown and matured since Fiction. Each member was practically 3D with their performance in this video ~ it was exquisitely perfect in every aspect.
This last video, I must say, has from the first viewing become an instant classic. In my opinion it is by far their best concept video to date. Once again I am almost willing to concede that it surpasses Fiction... which is something I never thought I would say.
Each member does an outstanding job of conveying their emotions and brings out the empathy of the viewer in a way that leaves you feeling like you were the one that had just gone through their heartbreak with them. I defy anyone who watches this video to resist the desire to hold these men in their arms and comfort until they're not hurting anymore.
From the first note of this video, my heart was in my throat and my tears were flowing without even consciously realizing it ... Only Fiction and two other songs have ever brought out such an extreme emotional reaction in me.
Well this concludes Day 19 of the Beast Is the Best 30 Day Beast Challenge. I must go wipe my tears away and blow my nose now ...
Until tomorrow ~ have a wonderful Thursday Nov. 19th ~ you're all the best!
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wow these sound and look awesome. I love them
YESS. All of these videos are also my favorites from Beast too!! :D
Yass thanks for the mention!!