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Yeah, the holidays aren't the most punk rock thing on the planet, but you don't have to be a Grinch! Check out these rocking gift ideas and make most Emo kid you know happy on Christmas.

I'd be surprised if you didn't want these all to yourself!

1. Concert Tickets

There is nothing more punk rock than getting to scream your head off at your favorite band's concert. Tours are planned out pretty far in advance, so if your buddy wants to see their favorite artist, make that happen! I guarantee you'll be their favorite person come Christmas time.

2. Personalized Liquor Bottles

It's no secret that rock fans (that are of age) generally love a good drink. Personalized liquor bottles are a really great way of showing someone that you first of all, know their taste, but also wanted to put some effort in. This is more for close friends, but feel free to extend this one to your boss too. It's classy yo.

3. Special edition CD / Box Sets

True music fans won't be let down by a physical album. Don't go for that iTunes gift card, it's a cop out. Find a CD or box set that they don't have, and grab it! Going old school is way cooler and more punk rock than any digital release.

4. A Concert Ticket Scrap Book

While it's not as great as actual concert tickets, the scrap book implies that you put some thought into the things they like, and they'll totally appreciate it. Plus its an activity based gift, so it's not boring at all.

5. Buy them something unique on Etsy

This shop, Ink and Rags provides some incredibly cool gift options. I'm buying myself some of their bedding, and it's all hand made. They even sell skull embossed car mats. There are infinite amounts of cool gifts on Etsy, and they're made by real people trying to make an honest living. There's nothing more punk rock than that.

6. Quirky Music Themed Earrings

For the female fan, nothing is funnier than wearing their favorite lead singer as earrings. These amazing studs from thefoxyhipster are perfect for any Killers fan. Like, who wouldn't want Brandon Flowers' cute face on them at all times? Bye.

7. Fun T's

Every punk fan loves wearing fun T shirts. They're casual and comfortable, and look great under a leather jacket. No self respecting punk fan doesn't have their favorite band's T-Shirt. Class it up with some T's that "allude" to a band, this makes it more fun and less "hit you over the head" with a T from Hot Topic. You know? I love this minimalist "Gaba Gaba Hey" shirt that is obviously a Ramones T.

8. Apple Music Subscription

You can gift people a year's worth of unlimited music. It's way better than a 25 dollar iTunes card, and it gives them more options. Like...infinite options. I had some objections to Apple Music when it first came out, and then I was like...okay, this is fine. So, make it fine for someone else, and gift them some rad tunes.

9. Vintage concert posters.

You can find these literally all over the place. Find out what your friend, relative, whatever's favorite band is and then get them a minimalist or vintage concert poster. It's thoughtful, fun and a great gift, because they can display it in their room, dorm or basement, you know...if they're living there.

10. Unique music themed clothing.

This sweater is AMAZING. I love the Sex Pistols, and yes they're totally punk rock, but that doesn't mean you can't have a sweater with one of their trademark lyrics on it. This is actually really cute and really appropriate for the holidays. It's christmas tree green for God's sake!

Anyway, I hope all you guys have a happy Holiday season. If you've got any ideas on what would be a great gift for your punk rocker next-door, please leave a comment below.

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