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saw this from @LilaElizabeth so I thought I should do the same and I'm sure others will join in as well!! @kpopandkimchi @JohnEvans @annevictoriaaa @lawtont and the rest of my Vingle family
Sooooooooo this is my lock screen gaiiiizzz .. yes, feel free to stare at my female bias, Ms. Kang Seulgi of the Dumb Dumb Red Velvet .. this was her red carpet outfit prior to their recent Melon performance, I think she looks amazing in this, if I recall correctly, I think all the members wore their little black dresses
aaaaaand major plot twist! Seulgi is my home screen as well!! She cute .. just sayin ..
Anywayssss, what about you guys?
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Seulgi!!!! She's so gorgeous! She's my fav after Wendy^^~