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It's day 18 of the Fair Tail Challenge! Today's prompt is Best Chapter.
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate! Remember to tag me in yours cuz is want to see them!
I've chosen Chapter 398 which is where gray first shows off his Demon Slayer powers! I was so glad for Gray to get a power boost and he comes in and one-shots the Demon that has been giving Natsu and Gajeel trouble. This moment was taken away in the anime as they decided to have Laxus fight the Demon instead of Gray which was just stupid to me.
Thanks for reading my card and remember to Tell me your favorite chapters in the comments below! Have a great day! Ja ne
i was so happy when Gray got his ice devil slaying mage NOW EVERYONE CAN APPRECIATE HIM MORE 😊
The best Chapter was when Lucy lost Aquarius and she gained Aquarius power!
Same above me