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I know to a lot of people may disagree with me but so what? Ever since watching Soul Eater I have found only a FEW girls (with cat or animal like traits).Who can truly give an anime girl lover such as myself that sense of joy. My dear friends what do you think? Does she make your Top Ten? In fact give me Your Top Ten if you can. All opinions are welcomed
so cats have a sexy human form. now If I could transform my own cats into humans....馃槥
yeah she is one of my tops , along with milliana from fairy tale , I forgot her name but that anime is outbreak company, the little white haired girl from highschool DxD, and there's a lot of them in cat planet cuties
had me since ep 1 hehe
kinky sexy and FUCKEN BEAUTIFUL
She can lure me to her house in the woods any time 馃槉