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Come My Way
As you walk my way, You take my breath away. Your soft eyes looking into mine Hits me like a brick, You are perfect. Ill never forget This incredible moment. You didnt have to do anything For me to feel this way. Fill my heart and soul With pure happiness. You light my broken heart Right back up, As tho it was always whole. I dreamed of you My whole life, I spent my days Writing things that described you, I daydreamed about you all the time, And there you are, Standing before me, Everything i ever wanted, And could ever want. If you will be mine Ill love you till the end of time, Ill fight your fears away, Ill keep you safe from any evil. I never saw this coming, But its a miracle That i will not take For granted.
u're great ! but where's the rhyme? :/
2 years ago·Reply
i usually do not rhyme in my poems @KhaledEzat
2 years ago·Reply
ur words touch the heart.. but u need to touch the ears .. try to add rhyme to ur poems ;)
2 years ago·Reply
check up ma poem n' tell me what u think .. it's rhymed
2 years ago·Reply