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It's here!

and I was there first for the event that is come, i'm so excited! I like to share my experience with you guys =)

The city of Hongdae

this place was super cool, and if you live far from seoul you'll be traveling a lot to go to any cool event because seoul is where it's at.
this was my first time going to hongik Univ station, I traveled 95 minutes each way. Last time I went to see VAV I went to Sinchon witch is one station back. I will have to do this all over again on sunday =D I really hate long train rides and standing most of the way because everyone and their mom take a train.

I loved this book/music store!!

it's all in korean of course but it was super cool. I got there super early so that I could be the first (also because I usually get lost)

I'm number one!! yeyyy!!!

you know what that means? I'm #1 fan =D oh and also that ill get all the boys from VAV to sign my CD!!!! ahh!!! I already saw them live in a crowd of people and in this event will be 100 people only so I'm excited even if I won't understand a single thing they say lol blessed. @kellyoconnor @destiny1419 @kpopandkimchi @stevieq @michaellopez @damariscisneros @mattk95 @marilovexoxo @fueledbycass @creetheotaku @armyofkookie @violetadelrio @exoexo @kpopgaby @emealia @poojas @passthesuga @vixenvivi @littlemaryk @aabxo @keolaloveskpop
@electica yay I'll be waiting for an update Saturday (or whenever ^^)! EXCITED for you have fun!!
That train ride is soo worth it!! I'm soo excited for you
@Jiyongixoxo thank you! I had to stand most the way lol
@KellyOConnor I will omg I can't wait
Damn that sounds like a long trip but it looked like a really good time!!!
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