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No matter how strong Sakura is, she's useless.
@ebethoven everyone hates her cause she looks at one guy when Naruto would die for her. She very selfish and won't even consider Naruto's feelings. So in every single time I see Naruto Saving her I be "Don't save that B , she deserves it" And once he saves her I be like. "Why are you saving her!! She isn't gonna like you any better cause obviously she has problems with her eyes!!!! " I mean like ....... are you serious Naruto? Hinata is so much better
@Rockron97 no freaking way don't even compare her to my 馃槏Namiii -swaaan馃槏 ...
she thought she could beat Saskue LMAO!!!!!!!
I know! She chokes up every time, and I'll just be watching her and start yelling at the screen at her. If I had her power, if be like MOVE BITCH! Get out the way! I'll show you how its done!
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