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okay I know your just looking at pictures of music videos but that's not what I want to point what I want to point is the likes and dislike. okay so I've seen many videos and many people click dislike even if the music was so good and millions loved it but when i went to the comment section i haven't once seen a bad comment so my question why hit the dislike if your not going to tell what you hate or don't like about it so that way the sponsor members of the fan club can help if possible. all I'm saying is if you dont like the video then help by commenting nice words people and well see
i know i can't believe it has that many!!!! it ?! makes me sad. All these hard working people giving us their best don't deserve crap like that @kpopisnylife
right? @StephanyAcevedo I do feel disappointed
Overdose has that many 馃槺 and Bang Bang Bang too, I JUST WANT TO NOW ARE THOSE FANS????? if yes they don't deserve to be called that, those MV aren't EASY
* @shantalcamara ^^^^^^^^
@CrystalGuerra true but they need to contain @TerraToyaSi I haven't considered that I guess most people won't like Kpop like us oh my god I know right. when I saw that much dislike that's when I was like why are y'all hating for nothing? that music was so great and cute I'm actually surprised of the dislikes @kpopisnylife
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