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My Anime Significant other is Gaara . I liked Gaara's character even when he was portrayed as evil in Naruto. I don't know why but it's an unspoken attraction . I guess when I heard Gaara's story I empathized and cried a few times when they showed how he ended up with such hatred.
Gaara is the kind of man I want . I'll except his demons if he excepts mines. He's loyal and is not afraid to die for the ones he loves and wants to protect. With my outgoing personality and his calm nature we would be perfect together !!!! I've lost family members and had same kind of father relationship ( not the whole killing each other part ) Gaara has with his and when he stand up for himself is amazing. Gaara is mysterious and dreamy well he will always keep me in my place.
I love that Gaara finally realized he had friends shoulder to cry on and I'm one of them. I'll be there when he needs the strength to keep going . He's my perfect significant other !!!! @VinMcCarthy
I like that too, but I like the fact that he's strong silent and elite.❀
Gaara is my significant other too!
Yes @arbil its something about his red hair and eyes 😍