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this is sooo true! I like to think that u can learn a whole lot more from anime shows than from that strange? Aw who cares!!
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well duh!! I know how to do ha mae ha mae ka I know how to do fire ball jutsu I know how to eat metal I know how to jump in a well I know how to bite people's necks I know how to balance myself I know how to swing my swords in games I know how to stretch
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There's an interview with Tom Ford on YouTube where he makes a very valid point about perceiving reality through shows and movies. He said "...the characters, the clothes, the dialogue, those things actually happened, they didn't happen in real life, but those people said those things, they walked through those sets, they spoke those words, and so in a certain way they're real. There's a parallel universe for me of image and of fantasy that isn't so much fantasy because it's forever sealed in films and things that have entertained us for years, and this parallel universe has probably influenced me perhaps even more than the real world."
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So totally true
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I've used things that Kazuto Kirigaya said for SAO in school a lot
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