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well duh!! I know how to do ha mae ha mae ka I know how to do fire ball jutsu I know how to eat metal I know how to jump in a well I know how to bite people's necks I know how to balance myself I know how to swing my swords in games I know how to stretch
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this is sooo true! I like to think that u can learn a whole lot more from anime shows than from that strange? Aw who cares!!
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@ConnerThompson one punch man is about a guy who wanted to be a hero so he trained so hard he became invincible and lost all his hair, he ends up always ending battles with strong opponents in one punch ( im not really good at explaining things sorry)
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@ConnerThompson ill tag you a one punch man preview
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@desireesowah143 I've never seen one punch man whats it about
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