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this is Jackson behind BamBam..haha.but what is funny is that he is trying to reach Mark lol..I capture the image from a parody..
Well in this picture I wasn't focusing on how Jackson is touching Mark's face.. I was actually focusing on Marks muscles hahaha.. OMG!! Lord..haha.
Remember those stares between them.. there again..
I caught this moment from a parody..aaww.
Well this is just dreamy.. what else? what is he saying to his ear?? I want to know.. what?
Now... this tweet is just too much.. this is actually Mark's dad..hahaha.. I wonder WHO took the hand already?? haha oh that's easy..Jackson!
lmao you last comment about Mark's Dad's tweet hahahha
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@kpopandkimchi. . this guy is funny seriously or he just wants to become famous thru his
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my goodness markson why you give me feels
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