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The matching sock struggle can be pretty real.

Many have adjusted by just giving into the matching sock idea and just go mismatch all the time. This takes away the worry of losing socks on the go or at the laundromat.
For those who are apart of the mismatch sock club, rejoice! One of our leaders has created a company dedicated to creating pairs of mismatch socks!

Cole Page, Roger Nahum and Match du Toit came up with a solution that will knock your socks off!

The dynamic duo is out to make mismatched socks a fashion statement with their innovate apparel company, SWAP Socks.
Each pack of SWAP Socks contains four different socks, giving you the ability to mix and match the bold styles as you please. Be on the lookout for more styles to drop from the company soon!
I've been wearing little missmatched socks for a few years now. They're geared at tweens but they fit lol. My mom loves them too!
Same here! This is fantastic!
Definitely gonna try these ones out though ♡
I've been waiting years for this. Lol. I (and my son, now that he's dancing) go through more socks than you would ever believe. And we always wear out one foot more than the other (your spinning foot). I started mismatching socks back in grade school and make an Art of it, yo. My son took some time because, for all of my OCD tendencies, he has it 100 times worse. XP <3 I'll pay for these!!
I dig it