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If you grew up in a Latino household, chances are the dinner table during Thanksgiving had plenty of meats. For me, I grew up with THREE meats on Thanksgiving. Abuela's little apartment was dizzy with the smell of roasted pork shoulder, ham, and turkey!
If I had to choose between those three meats, it would be pernil -- hands down.

Which do you prefer?

I know, I know... turkey is huge during Thanksgiving, but it doesn't mean we can't have a favorite!
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I love turkey, but for me its the roast pork. especially the crispy skin and the fatty bits.... mmmmmm so yum!! my mom makes some dank lechon (we are Filipino) and I do too now!
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All of these are correct XD my mom makes pasticho, which is Venezuelan lasagna, and I love sweet ham ^.^
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my favorite is when we make ayuca, or however it's spelled XD Venezuela tamales, with more meat than dough
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pernil and ham was my favorite growing up...but my tummy dosent agree anymore... now I love turkey legs and wings...Im a dark meat girl lol..
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turkey all the wa
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