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So before I start I will list the 5 honorable mentions that would have made the list for the top 10...
I love all their MVs except for Colorful, and Green Rain...
Married to the Music, Amigo, 1000 Years Always By Your Side and Your Number just didnt make the list because I just liked the others more...
5th Honorable Mention: Juliette
4th Honorable Mention: Hello
3rd Honorable Mention: Dream Girl
2nd Honorable Mention: View
1st Honorable Mention: Why So Serious (This would have made the list if it wasnt for the fact that Jonghyun wasnt present in the MV, I love this song very much)
Number 5: Replay
It was their debut song and lets face it, they were so ADORABLE!!! OMG I love this very much!!!
The choreography was sleek and nice, giving a debut feeling to the them as well...
SHINee is just so freaking synchronized that you just have to be in awe...
Number 4: Sherlock
I love the choreography in this very much... I guess my favorite part is when Key does that hand shaking move like he is shaking water off of them...
I also love when Minho jumps over Key @3:13, putting those sexy long legs of his to awesome use!!!
Number 3: Lucifer
I am a proud Shawol and Locket... Key has one of my favorite hair styles in this MV so I am a bit biased... This song is not only one of my favorites but so is the MV... I love the extensive use of their upper bodies, most namely their arms... I know that their moves are no trivial matter... SHINee is know for their elaborate, difficult and extremely awesome dances... This MV may use more upper body movements than most but it works so well don't you agree??? I love listening to this song and the MV is just awesome!!!
Number 2: Ring Ding Dong
Lets face it, this was my first SHINee MV and it was what drew me into the Shawol world... Everyone knows why this is on the list, not hard to figure out... I liked the individual parts and the group parts meshed real well together... The rocking dance is my favorite part as I am sure it is most Shawol's...
Number 1: Everybody
Okay so this is my utmost favorite MV and song... I love the catchyness to it... Hahaha my best friend is like "OH NO" whenever this song comes on because I played it so much I got it stuck in his head!!! Hahahaha...
The Soldier Shuffle they do @2:55-2:57 is my favorite part of the choreography...
Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Minho throwing Taemin up at the beginning was awesome!!!
Of course I love the DJ dance @0:47 and it is repeat multiple times during the mv and the Gadget dance @3:25-3:39 is another favorite part of mine...
I♡ Love Onew
Replay always has a special place in my heart since it was their first MV i ever saw ;)
@KokoroNoTakara love you too Boo 😄
@kpopandkimchi aaaaaah that was mine as well lol n i actually found it on accident
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