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(Not sure if the gif is working... Hopefully... it is if not, joesonghabnida. Anyways so WELCOME TO BTS LOVE GAME PART 2!! Now in this one, you must pick the flower(s) that catch your eye (or you think is most beautiful) To see which boy had played the match maker!! But if you get the same boy, then he just gathered all his courage and went up to you and asked you out on a date!! Part one. Part two.
Thank you for playing! Comment below to see who your matchmaker is (if you didn't get the same boy!) :)) I'm not sure what should come next so if you have any ideas you'd like to share, I would really appreciate it! (Plus if you did share ideas, the card would be dedicated to YOU.) Thanks for playing! Xx
gotta find a place to live now lol???
i got V again so yay me lol
Jungkook did
Oh wow I got V again