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Okay. Okay. So Oreos has just created a NEW Oreo. And yep it's a Oreo-churro mix heavenly thing. But they are also coming out with two types of Oreo churros: 10-inch Oreo churros and bite-size OREO churros. That means that Oreo now has a total of Oreo/churro mashups.
The Oreo churro bites will be available in the frozen food section and they can be heated up in minutes!
OREO Churros will be available at food retailers nationwide soon.
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Haha I feel ya! Maybe there's a way to just fry these Oreo churros!!!! @MadAndrea
2 years ago·Reply
awesome!!!!!! I will try it out.
2 years ago·Reply
They're sold at six flags lol !
2 years ago·Reply
really??? damn i haven't been to six flags in the longest. @RihannaTiaMay
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah all six flags are sponsored by the same food companies so where the normal churros are sold you'd find the Oreo ones
2 years ago·Reply