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This one is easy @VinMcCarthy Ikaros from heaven's lost property!
You might say, "anyone that could fly would be the best to have with you". But I say, Why not have Ikaros? She has wings right.
Not only that, but she is mad cute. And why not have someone nice to talk with and to look at?
Besides, if there is any type of trouble, shes a bad ass and could take care of it.
So why not relax for a day, hang out and go for a swim or something.
Plus, if we needed anything. Just ask and she would make it happen.
Over all, she's just a bad ass chick and stupid nice. So why not spend some time with her?
And when we get bored or just wanna leave, we just fly away. ^_^
gotcha, just figured I'd pass on the info.
Nah, I'm not that new. I saw it, but not really into that stuff though. ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ @nberry1620
oh... well, just thought I'd let ya know.
i honestly dont care in the slightest
You two new to Vingle? if so and if you haven't seen the giveaway thats going right now, check out VinMcCarthy's page for details and rules and get in on it. ^_^ This card was for day 4 of the contest. But you guys can do all four days and catch up. Just be sure to tag VinMcCarthy in your post so he can add you to the drawing. :) And welcome to Vingle! @JacEmmons @SarahRoot
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