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A 2002 spin off of The Whisper of the Heart, Studio Ghibli did a fantastic job once again. This story is about a high school girl named Haru who saves the Cat Kingdom's Prince. The king takes her to the Cat Kingdom in hopes of marrying his son--and eventually asks for her hand in marriage.
She seeks out the Cat Bureau, and she meets the Baron, Muto, and Toto. The Baron is a character that Shizuku Tsukishima created in Whisper of the Heart. Eventually they enter the Cat Kingdom and have to get to the tower and back to the human world before Haru permanently becomes a cat.
Through all of this, the Baron remains to be the coolest cat around. He saves Haru from the King's grubby paws and tells Haru to believe in herself and anything can happen.
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um, if you go to my profile you can look at my collections (its called Studio Ghibli at Its Finest) and it should be there c: @RileyKeck
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I couldn't figure it out so I punched the "add friend" button XD
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thank u.
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@Sara3 youre welcome. Glad you liked it! c:
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This is one of the Studio Ghibli movies I still haven't seen yet. I need to go see it or at least borrow it from my friend 馃槅
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