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Who was the best at comics trivia this week?

The Guess Who game this week was REALLY challenging (everyone thank @BeannachtOraibh for getting those brain cells firing and contributing some great hints). One character was from Marvel and the other was from DC. Here were the hints again:
Character 1:
He was based on a real person from American history. This character teamed up with a beloved masked vigilante for an 7-issue crossover.
Character 2:
She was abducted and brought to the U.S. at age 6 She can teleport through time and space

Did you guess who they were?

Django and Magik!

Awesome? You give me far too much credit.
oh wow. when I saw Rorschach as an answer I was so surprised cause I read watchmen twice now he couldn't have been
I had only guessed django, I had no clue about the second one....
@KingGummy aaaah sorry my brain must have switched it XD