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No, it wasn't drugs.
But smuggling pork tamales are still not a-okay with the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Los Angeles Airport passenger tried to smuggle 450 delicious tamales, and it seems like CBP wanted them all for themselves.
What a shame.
According to CBP, "Bringing pork from another country into the United States carries potential serious health risks." The passenger would have been able to get through if the tamales had no pork in it.
All 450 tamales were destroyed and were literally "incinerated," a Customs and Border Protection spokesman said. Idk if I was them, I'd take my chance with the tamales and eat them because that sure is a damn waste.
Or like...could there have been an option for the passenger to eat as much as they can before the CBP lights them up? ::broken-heart::
Here's a photo of the damaged tamales:
THAT IS THE SADDEST DAY. I can't imagine how much money this probably costed to make too. What a waste. @jannatd93, you should've driven down and snatched these up lol.
@danidee How saaaaaaaad! ಥ_ಥ What a waste, although I love tamales my digestive system just can't handle it xD
What a waste... 😒
Right?! They could of at least handed them out to people or something. .like cross the border, get a free tamale :-D
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