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Who knew being a salsa hog could nearly cost you your life?
Phyllis Jefferson, a 50-year-old woman from Ohio, plead guilty to reduced charges this week after her boyfriend, Ronnie Buckner, said she stabbed him twice while the pair was watching TV and having a snack in their apartment.
That must've been the best salsa ever.
The New York Post reports, Jefferson picked up a pen and stabbed Buckner with it in the left side of his pelvis. She then allegedly picked up a small kitchen knife and stabbed him in the stomach.
All of this over an intense double dip in the salsa bowl? Maybe it's best I eat my chips plain for now on.
I don't think it was about the salsa at all
I don't know, y'all. I have a friend that makes an insanely good pico de gallo....
Well, at least this story wasn't from Florida this time...
hahaa! I wanna try it! @butterflyblu